Who's Mika? - Mika & Me

Who’s Mika?

The origins of Mika come from a business trip to Tokyo many moons ago. Mika was my first American Japanese translator- beautiful, poised, and flawless. She helped me discover what an extraordinary place Japan is and how they do many things differently to the way we do in the UK. Within the first week, I managed to break my glasses on a night out and didn’t have a spare set, so Mika took me to her local opticians. It was totally different to what I was expecting! It was fun, noisy, exciting, and much more like going to a premium fashion store. I picked my frames, and my new glasses were ready in just 20 minutes. What a great experience!

At Mika & Me, we want to offer our customers a similar experience. Buying your glasses should be fun and engaging- not boring and tedious! We have imported these Japanese techniques and technology into the UK to make you great glasses delivered with a smile and a wink.

The words “Mika & Me” are Japanese: Mika means “beautiful” and Me means “eyes”. For me, Mika & Me is about my first crazy and disorientating adventure in Japan but for everyone else it is simply “beautiful eyes”. Our sight is our most important sense, so this is why our mission is for every customer to leave with amazing glasses for their “beautiful eyes”.

Did we mention we can update your existing frames for just £70?