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Did you know standard optical lenses distort the appearance of your eye? For people who wear plus lenses, it can make your eyes look big and unnatural. For those of us who wear minus lenses, their eyes can appear small and beady. The stronger the powers of the lenses, the greater the distortion!

Mika & Me aims to solve that problem.

We are the FIRST UK retailer to offer the highest quality aspheric lenses to all our customers as standard. That means no additional costs and no hidden extras….ever! That also means that our lenses are thinner, lighter and flatter than standard lenses.

These premium lenses have become the go-to optical product in Japan and Asia so we have brought this very product to Glasgow.

Your local optician is expert in eye health and we are experts in optical lenses and their fitting!

Did we mention all Mika Lenses come with 100% UV protection and a reflection free coating to help protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays.

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