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Mika Sunglasses

Looking for a new pair of sunglasses to head into Summer 23? Mika & Me have you covered! We have the latest & greatest selection of designer sunglasses from Dior to Fendi to Gucci to Saint Laurent! Even better, you can pick your own lens colour and tint or polarisation so your sunglasses look the way you want them. And all our lenses are 100% protective for UV so your eyes are safe when wearing our sunglasses.

A Bathing APE is a Japanese Streetwear brand known for its numerous collaborations with some of the world’s most internationally recognised brands. This streetwear pioneer combines bold graphics, slogan-heavy prints and plenty of camo print.

Founded in 1918 by Cristobal Balenciaga, this luxury brand is one of the most internationally recognised brands around the world. The fashion house is known for its bold shapes with sharp and angular edges softened with dimensional curves. The line is ornamented with a bold BB logo throughout.

Celine is one of the world’s iconic brands. Owned by LVMH, Celine is renowned for its style & attention to detail

Christian Dior, more commonly known as Dior, is a juggernaut of the luxury goods industry, famed for revolutionising women’s fashion. Iconic, elegant, beautiful. If you adore her, Dior her

An Italian innovator in style for over 90 years, Fendi is known for fusing classic silhouettes with contemporary flourishes. The collection of optical and sunglasses provides playful options filled with personality.

One of the most Iconic, internationally recognised brands in the world. The collection is mix of classic, stylish acetate with Horsebit and Double G logos appearing as design details throughout the line, paying homage to the brand’s roots.